piatok 6. júna 2014

Description of Mercedes-Benz Wind power :     Lot of people spend lot of their time in car by traveling to work, school etc... All world is full of nice cars, but people are loosing pleasure from driving, because driving is just way how go to work. I wanted create machine which will bring more fun to our lifes, more positive vibration. In my diploma thesis I work with a few basic ideas. First idea is about creating something what will be able transport people without engine, gass, fuel etc. That is why I chose wind power. It is clean power which has helped us from old age. It is clean energy and we can?t spend it like oil. Wind power is also very famous betveen people who like adrenaline, for example windsurfing, kiteboarding, landsailing etc. Second one is about creating something what will be really interesting for all people. I wanted create something 100% functional. I like sports where wind is using like energy: paragliding, kiting, gliding etc. I had lot of informations about aerodynamic, wing profilation, sail konstruction etc. I did some basic ideas about function and I had consultation about them with constructer ( he understands aerodynamic, construction systems and fyzical rules ). This is reason why I know that my model could be potentioally functional. My third idea is more about people. I wanted bring to people more fun, and show them, that they can?t fell power just with strong engine. I would like to change people who are not interest in nature also. They think that the power engine, strong voice and hard machine are the best stuffs on the world. I loveeeee cars, car design, everything with cars and motorbikes wuaaa. But I tried to do kiting, acrobat-kiting, surfing etc. and when I feel power of nature I feel like after having a sex ;) . Full of euphory. :D . That is why I did this sail machine. I would like give emotion from nature to the people. I thing that this project is interesting for desing and a lot of people would like to try it, if it would be real transport machine. Full model has simple construction. Main part of it is a frame under laminat cover. This frame supports wings ( no sail but wings like on greenbird machine ), seats and very simple suspension for wheel, hydrodinamic wings ( like on speedcatamaran ) or for ski or ice. Every detail was designed with constructer support in two versions. One is more vision ( quarter scale model ) , which include PC software, joystick etc.. Second one works with real accessories similar like on sailboat.